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Beaded Locket Pendants - How to Malke Print

Funky Diva Locket PendantsFunky Diva
Locket Pendants
Designed by Kristin Burgess

A celebration of color and design so sweet your mouth will water!  Our vintage lucite cabachons work pefectly adhered to the unique old silver base lockets.   Our mother-of-pearl shell creates a delightful play on color as the background in this easy and super fun pendant making project.  Creating these little lovelies is a nice break from linking or stringing and will remind you how fun designing with color can be!   A super strong epoxy we carry is necessary to keep the pieces securly together.  Mix and match interchangable hand-dyed silks to create a different look for that day's outfit!

Dyed Mother of Pearl 30mm Drilled Square Donuts Seafoam 16 inch strand
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Dyed Mother of Pearl 30mm Drilled Square Donuts Dark Fuchsia 16 inch strand
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Vintage Lucite Light Blue w/Green Flower Half Round 9x16mm 8pc/pkg
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Vintage Lucite Multi Purple Striped saucer 17mm 6pc/pkg
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n St
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Vintage Lucite Red & White Striped Half Round 7x14mm 10pc/pkg

Vintage lucite multi brown & cream striped saucer 17mm 6pc.

Mini E6000 Industrial strength Adhesive 1 fl. oz tube
In Stock

Sterling Silver 24gauge headpins 2 100pc/ Pkg

Yellow, Orange & Red Mix 2mm Silk Neckties 5pc/pkg
In Stock

Pink & Purple Mix 2mm Silk Neckties 5pc/pkg
In Stock

Greens Mix 2mm Silk Neckties 5pc/pkg
In Stock

In Stock

In Stock

Vintage silver plated branch & leaf round locket NO TOP LOOP 25mm 6pc.
In Stock


This project is great for all levels.  Wire working and gluing are necessary to complete this project.   Please read the E-6000 tube and follow instructions below to make these fun and brightly covered little keepsake treasures!

Funky Diva Locket Teal ShellStep 1:

Prepare a clean workspace and be sure it is in a well ventilated area.  Rubber gloves are a good idea as well.  E-6000 is an industrial strength adhesive that works great but should be used smartly.  If you do not use gloves be sure and wash your hands well with warm water and soap after every use (this has worked great for me).   Please read tube before use.

Some items to have on hand that will help assist you in the process...
a toothpick or awl
a piece of cardboard or paper (you will use to put the glue on first when applying so this will be all yucky eventually and be discarded).
A damp rag

Step 2:

 Peppermint Cab on Purple ShellSqueeze out a small dollop of E-6000 onto the cardboard.   Using the toothpick or awl apply a small amount to the back center of the locket.  It is difficult to explain how much to use but here is a little advice ...  Use a good amount of the glue to be sure that as much of the locket as possible is being adhered to the shell.  Don't put too much on the edge of the locket as when you push it onto the shell you want to avoid glue from coming out on the sides.  If this should happen the damp cloth will help take it away or using another clean toothpick can help clean up excessive glue.  Either way it is best to be quick about it so that the glue does not set exposed.  If you are gluing onto the buckle it works best to put the glue on the buckle not the locket (because of the hole in the shell center).  Place the locket over the shell to get a visual of where the locket and shell do connect so you can better judge where the epoxy should be applyed on the shell.

Eyeball Cab on Grey ShellStep 3:

With the locket on the shell repeat the same process as above to adhere the cabachon onto the locket.  Be sure no glue is showing and the holes in the buckle are clear.  You can be sure of this by using a 24 gauge head pin to check that the hole is clear by putting it through the shell before you leave it overnight (or at least 12 hours) to finish drying.  This way if glue has made it into the hole it is still soft enough at this point to get the pin through (it wouldn't be soft enough the next day when it is done and dry).   The headpin should be made into a coiled loop to form as the bail or top to the pendant.  A large loop is necessary if you are stringing a few silks through.  If you are doing pairs for earrings a smaller loop can be used.  In both projects be sure to do a coiled loop to make your pendants as strong as possible!  The E-6000 epoxy can be used to put a picture or trinket inside to personalize your locket!  Check out the shell section and cabachon section to create your own variation on this fun new project!

NOTE:  When you are done be sure to clean area and hands well (especially if this project took place on say..the kitchen table! :)   When replacing the cap of the E-6000 back onto the tube first clean the threads of the tube (where the cap screws onto) with the damp rag.  This will avoid gluing the cap permantly onto the tube.  Thats how strong this epoxy is!  A tube of E-6000 will last a very long time if you take care to do this after every use.  Happy Beadin'!

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