Beaded Necklace How-To: Loopy Blooms Print
designed by Ashley Bunting

Loopy Blooms Necklace

It smells like Spring outside and the flowers are just beginning to show their little faces.  Here is a necklace to celebrate Spring.


Made from luster glass daisy flowers, baby gold clover flowers and hefty jump rings.  This is a quick and easy project that has great personality!

(20) Silver Plated 18mm Hefty Jump Ring (20) Vintage German Glass Light Sapphire Daisy Flowers Luster 10mm (20) Metal Flowers Vintage 24k Gold Plate Mini Clover Flower 12mm each (8") Vintage Matte Metal Sterling Silver plated oval cable chain 4x5mm (4) Silver Plated 7mm Open Thick Jump Rings 100pc

(1) Bright Silver Plated Small Lobster Claw Clasps 6.5x12mm 20pc

Step 1:

Open one hefty jump ring, slide on one glass flower and one gold flower.  Close the jump ring.  Open a second jump ring and slide it through the first, add one glass and one gold flower and close the jump ring.

Repeat until all twenty jump rings are linked together.


Step 2:

Cut two 4 inch pieces of chain.  Attach one piece of chain using a 7mm jump ring to one side of the linked hefty jump rings.  Attach the other 4 inch piece to the other end of the linked jump rings.



Step 3:

To the ends of the chain attach the lobster claw clasp using two 7mm jump rings.






The End!

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