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A Beaded Halloween: Create a Spooky Beaded Spider Web PDF Print E-mail
 Weekly Beadditudes with Dara 

Beaded Halloween
A Beaded Halloween: Create a Spooky Beaded Spider Web

I thought we’d have fun with a little project this week. The holidays are within sight, and this is a good way to limber up your hands to prepare for all the gifts, decorations and jewelry you’ll make from now until the end of December. Tally ho… here we go!

Materials List
Get your bead case out… this is pretty simple and uses few materials.
1 small snowflake frame
24 gauge wire
1 tube of size 11.0 opaque black seed beads
1 jump ring
1 silver spider charm
12” of ribbon in a Halloween color
Round nosed pliers
Wire cutters
Scotch tape

Beaded HalloweenThe Snowflake Frame is Re-born

Things are not always as they seem. The snowflake frame just got wild and crazy and has burst out of its shell. Not a quiet, sweet and sparkling snowflake any longer. Now it’s a creepy crawly spooky spider web frame! No one seems to know who gets the credit for this design, but everyone is seeming to enjoy making them. What a brilliant idea!

Pha-bulous Phraseology
Lets get our lingo straightened out first. Each spoke on the (snowflake) web frame I’m going to call, well, a spoke. And then the 24 gauge wire that travels around the web I’m going to call the wire. Simple. Now you know what I’m talking about. Ok. Lets jump in.

Black Seed BeadsStep 1
Pick up 6 seed beads onto each spoke and let them slide to the center. Use a small piece of tape to secure them there. You’re going to be working with lots of teeny tiny bits of tape here, so no complaining. Honestly, the alternative is to have little black seed beads flying in directions when you don’t want them to! You’ll be happy you used the tape. 

24 gauge wireStep 2
Once your tapes are in place, take your wire and string about 4 feet of black seed beads on. Yes, I said 4 feet. And you’ll probably have to string on more, since 4 feet may not be enough. But 4 feet will get you started. This way you can use one piece of wire to make the whole web. If you have a small frame to use, then go with 3 feet. If you have a bead spinner, then hooray for you. This step will go much farther.

spider web frameStep 3
Now choose a spoke, remove the little piece of tape and grasp the tip of your wire. You’re going to coil the wire around the spoke 4 or 5 times right at the top of the 6 seed beads. This will attach the wire on firmly. Then stretch the wire to the next spoke. Allow as many of the black seed beads on the wire to fall into the space between spokes, filling it up. Now remove the small piece of tape on the second spoke and coil the wire around it once at the top of the 6 seed bead stack to attach it. Continue doing this around until you are where you started. 

Jump RingStep 4

Once you’ve gone around once its time to add more seed beads to the spokes. Don’t add the same number each time. On one spoke put 6 and on another spoke put 4, then 6, then 5, etc. Change it up so that it has a more natural look to it like a real web. Don’t forget to put on your little tape pieces to hold those beads in place.

Round nose pliersStep 5
Now your wire will begin a second row of webbing. Slide seed beads down to fit in the space between the last spoke you did, and the first spoke in the new row. Remove the tape and wrap the wire around one time to attach it, and then continue on. You’re going to keep doing steps 4 and 5 until the web is full and you have about 1/4 to 1/2 inch of spoke left on the tips.

wire cuttersStep 6

To end the wire, simply slide the seed beads down to fill the space between the spokes, and then without adding 6 seed beads onto the new spoke, attach the wire with a few coils to secure. Snip the end of the wire to cut it off.

spider charmStep 7
To finish off the spokes, use a pair of pliers to curl the ends into a circle tightly enough to make sure the seed beads don’t slide onto them. Decide which direction you want your web to face in. On the top spoke slide a ribbon through the loop and tie in a knot. From the bottom loop use a jump ring to attach a small spider charm. In the end, the circumference on the one I made came out to be about 6 inches total.

Ta Daaaa!

Done! And a job well done at that! Now you’ve got a decoration, a package tie-on, or whatever else you can dream up. Hope you all have a safe and wonderful Halloween full of good memories and chocolate. :-) 


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