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Beaded Easter Eggs and Easter Baskets PDF Print E-mail

Beaded Easter Eggs and Easter Baskets

When I put out my Easter decorations each year I get all caught up in the fuzzy chicks, baskets and flouncy basket grass. Its so infectious! And I’m always inspired to make something. So this year, I decided to make up my own little baskets and put some beady eggs in them.


BEaded Easter EggsEggstra special

These gorgeous beaded eggs were made by Dawn Arnote, a local talented beader who has  a knack for color and weaving. Great combination! She has the most glorious egg basket at home with dozens of these, in all kinds of colors and styles. These particular ones were done with a netting stitch and are simple, pretty and not too difficult to make.


Eggzactly what I’m talking about!

The eggs are just simple craft eggs from a craft store, and you can find the best selection of them at Easter time. Then its time to break out the seed beads! You can do them in all kinds of sizes and put them in the same basket. Look for eggs in different colors, and if you wish to color you own, just make sure its color-fast so it won’t run. Dawn has even used nail polish to color her eggs. Anything goes!


Eggstremely versatile

These eggs would work up into some sweet jewelry if you so desired. Just use them as tips on a lariat, as earrings, or as beads in a necklace. I think they’d also look fantastic hanging from an Easter tree. You can make your own tree by finding a leaf-bare interesting branch, spraying it with Krylon spray to seal, and blowing fine glitter on it while the Krylon is still wet. You’ll have a glistening branch that you can then anchor in a plant pot full of stones, sand, or you can use plaster to permanently anchor it. Then its ready for egg embellishment.


Easter Egg BasketA tisket a tasket

Now lets talk about baskets. This design for a basket is an oldie. The original design came from Pima Indians in Southern Arizona many, many years ago. If you’d like to learn it, then you can watch for a class at the Beadin’ Path from Deb Ward. She’s got some amazing examples of different design ideas to re-invent this basket many times over!


Don’t count your chicks before they hatch!

Believe it or not, the base for this basket is cotton clothesline! You can actually use any kind of dense rope, line, or cording as long as your fiber will grab onto it and hold. I love the fact that using clothesline makes it truly a fiber basket. However, I admit that I did use a bit of wire to get the handle to stand up straight. I just layed the wire next to the clothesline as I wrapped the yarn around. Then I could bend it how I liked it.


Easter BasketGarlands of embellishment

Embellishing is the fun part on these baskets. I’ve done them with flowers, bead crusts along the edges, with fibers in the top row of the weaving to make the edge fuzzy…. And I know that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Yarn and clothesline is very easy to attach a thread and needle to and then you’re wide open to sew on drops, beads, charms, seed beads, feathers or whatever you wish.


Don’t stop there!

Oh, and I should mention that even though I’ve mostly used wool yarns in variegated colors, you can use so many different fibers. Ribbon, strips of fabric, other cording or strings and more. You can use wool roving and a felting needle and you can embellish on the outside (or inside!) of the basket.



I really love that this basket is all fibers. No other armature than fibers, fibers to wrap, fibers to embellish. When I’m really for a change of pace from beading, I love to do a project like this. Also, I can have a basket going at the same time as a beading project, and then I’ve got variety in my menu, if you know what I mean. :-)


 "The thing that makes a creative person is to be creative and that is all there is to it.”  ~Edward Albee

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