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Daisy Crazy! The Daisy Chain Bracelet PDF Print E-mail

Daisy Chain BraceletDaisy Crazy! The Daisy Chain Bracelet

I’m in flower mode, planting as quickly as I can! Daisies, California poppies, sunflowers, and whatever seeds we can gather up from the flowers in our yards. We are hoping for lush blooms and bursts of colors this year! And because I’m impatient, I decided I’d make a little bouquet for the wrist to tide me over!


He loves me, he loves me not, he loves me!

The daisy chain stitch is way under-used in my opinion. Why am I so wildly attracted to stuff that is just not in the spotlight in the bead world? Like bugle beads and stone chips and this daisy stitch? They’re so pretty and I can’t resist! You know they say that everything comes around again in fashion and style eventually, just re-designed in a new way. Well, say hello to the new daisy!


Daisy Chain BraceletGive me a daisy a day, dear

The daisy chain has been around for eons. Searching on-line for its history didn’t provide any useful information as to specifics, but I did find it in some old books that referenced it to very old beadwork. This stitch can be found as artifacts in old collections from all over the world, so its hard to pin it down to one area. Do you know the history of this stitch? If so, I’d love to know so I can pass it on to readers.


Daisy Mae, what do you say?

Opaque seed beads give me a head rush! The colors are so awesome, and now that I think of it, opaque seed beads are another thing that I don’t see used very often in contemporary beading. Is it just me? Enough about me. Let’s talk about you. Do you love them? Good! Let’s make a bracelet!


Daisny Chain BraceletBeading Miss Daisy

I began with the ends, since this bracelet begged to be made of as many seed beads as possible. It would have been easy to choose a toggle or a bar clasp, but seed beads seemed to be the way to go. Two peyote tube beads made 10 beads high and then 8 beads wide before being sewn into a tube. Then I simply began beading a daisy chain from one end of the tube until it was long enough to go around my wrist, then I attached it to the other tube. How do you do daisy chain?


Daisy and Lilly, lazy and silly

The easiest directions I could find for this simple stitch were here… One of the  beauties of the design is that you can choose how many beads you put in between each daisy, if any at all. The beads can be green, different shades of green, or a variety of colors. How about using multiple colors and then the daisies can be white? How about doing green and the daisies can be multiple colors? This is such an easy project to change up!


Daisy Chain BraceletLost in a field of daisies

Once the two tube beads were full of strands, I finished It up by adding two 4 mm beads to the ends of the tubes. It just made it look more finished. Then I chose an opaque colored button to use as a clasp. Two simple loops at the end of the bracelet were added… one with the button attached and one plain. Voilá!


Daisy Crazy

We carry a really great book called Seed Bead Chains where you can learn how to make all kinds of different seed bead stitches that are bracelet and necklace friendly. This same bracelet design can be re-created with almost any of the chains in this book. The ease of simplifying them with seed beads or making them more elaborate by adding pearls, gemstones or crystals can give you endless combinations. Go dressy or casual, colorful or neutral… any way you want.


Daisies on the way

Happy planting to you if you’re a gardener like me. Or, if not, then happy bracelet wearing to you! :-)


“Daisies are like sunshine to the ground.” Drew Barrymore

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