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How to Make Beaded Jewelry and Ornaments in Snowflake Themes! PDF Print E-mail

How I love the first snowfall of the year! My memories of driving on a cold late November day with my mind full of holiday shopping plans or planning out my errands, when...wait! Was that a snowflake? Then I’d begin searching the landscape for evidence of another flake, with my heart feeling lighter and my inner child cheering. Snowflakes are so magical!

In search of snowflakes
These days, living on the west coast has pushed the familiarity of freshly falling snow into the basement of my imagination. I’ve got to rely on other kinds of snowflakes to cure my homesickness for my native Maine state. So here’s how I do it… with beads and beading! Let me inspire you to want to design with snowflakes in mind. 

Snowflake DesignBeginning with the basics
Everyone knows about the snowflake frame. Its been around in seasons past and has been used in so many ways, and we even have them here at the Beadin’ Path, available in three sizes. Mostly, we’ve seen them with Swarovski crystals or vintage beads, or maybe even silver beads. But look at these new ideas! Vintage buttons make these frames look homey and sweet, and the buttons attach easily by twisting them with wire or by using a glue gun. Just make sure you don’t get the glue in the holes so it won’t be visible from the front, and also so you can re-use the buttons someday if the ornament is ever repurposed. Another version I really like has big and small silver bells on it. A simple design, but festive and musical! 

Snowflake DesignSnowflakes made from rings
If you love chainmaille, you’re going to love the chainmaille snowflake! There are many variations, and each one has that magical symmetry and complexity of swirls, angles and arcs. They come out especially beautiful if you choose to incorporate colored rings, say, in blue or aqua. If you make 5 or 6 of them in different styles and linked them together into a bracelet called “No Two Alike” you’d have a winner! Go ahead...steal my idea. I don’t mind! We’ve got rings so you can get linking. 

Filigree SnowflakeSnowflake filigree
While we’re on the subject of metals… I want to point out that silver filigree makes gorgeous earrings that look just like snowflakes. Simply choose any silver toned (shiny or matte) with a round shape and dangle it from an earwire. You could add a crystal or two at the top if you want to, but a filigree alone is just fine and dandy. We have just this kind of filigree to fit the bill!

Snowflake PendantAnd also…
A simple snowflake search on the Beadin’ Path website and more goodies came up! Take a look at these vintage pendant beads. They hang like a pendant so they’ll dip below the strand line on a necklace like graceful, fluttering snowflakes! They’re available in more than one color and have beautiful detail. I love how the center looks like a nailhead. So pretty. Try doing this kind of search on this site for all kinds of subjects, not just snowflakes, and you’ll be amazed at what comes up. 

Felt SnowflakeSnowflakes in fibers
I’m planning to make a few of these this holiday to give as gifts since this time of year I have a burning desire to begin felting again. These simple ornaments are easy to make, and you can do them too if you visit a previous article called Felted Christmas Ornaments. I’m going to do some sets in a small size and then use white embroidery floss to make simple snowflakes on them. They’re lightweight and capture that wooly mitten fuzzy feeling of being warm and cozy when its frosty and bitter cold outside. You can embroider snowflakes on anything, really. Buy some red pillows and then embroider onto them. Or you can do up your holiday tale by embroidering onto place mats, fabric napins or a tablecloth. How about on a lampshade? The possibilities are endless! 

Snowflake ObsidianSnow in a stone
I had to mention snowflake obsidian here. Just because it’s a pretty black stone that reminds me of how it gets dark so early in the winter, and then the snowflake pattern in white on it reminds me of how Jack Frost creeps over the outside of window panes and makes random lazy patterns on the glass. Oh, how I love winter! This stone is pretty by itself or looks great worn with silver or pearls. Just something simple to compliment the snowflake pattern, but not too busy to distract from it. The perfect stone for the winter months.

Jumping into the holiday
As we begin the holiday season at full throttle, I encourage you to take the time to catch a few snowflakes on your tongue. Or, if you’re in a warm climate like me, then hang some snowflakes from your ears or on your wrist and celebrate the season!

“Snowmen fall from Heaven unassembled.” ~author unknown

Resources worth checking out!

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