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Make you own beaded ornament hooksMake your own Beaded Ornament Hooks

In the quest of finding meaningful gifts this year, I realized that I needed something new and unpredictable. No bracelets, earrings or necklaces were going to show up in a gift box with a tag on it from me. I wanted to go a different route. Last year I made beautiful felted ornaments for many people, and this was the year to make the second part of the gift! A hand made ornament hook.


Gathering ideas…

A few quick searches on line didn’t turn up anything to rev my engine, so I sat down with my pliers and a few vintage Swarovski crystals and got the creative juices flowing. Lets make an ornament hook that resembles an ornament in itself, and will make any holiday bauble that much more beautiful while hanging from it.


Ornament hooksDesigning…

I chose gold on a whim of the moment, and I’m glad since the color of gold at the holiday just comes alive! Using round nosed pliers and with a spiral to start, then a big loop large enough to go over a tree branch, and then a small loop-de-loop to help keep the crystals on. Some Siam ab Swarovski and a clear ab Swarovski slid on with small gold flower spacers in between, then another loop-de-loop and a small spiral on the end so that an ornament can hook on the bottom.



This went up so quickly that I plunged head first into another one, changing the colors up a bit and doing a ribbon swirl shape instead of the loop-de-loop. Looking at them all over I decided that there are tons of shape opportunities here… and a set of 6 or 8 of these little beauties would be so nice as a gift. But something was missing…



What that metal needed was to be flattened a bit. So out came the tiny anvil and my hammer. A few whacks gave it a nice flattened shape and made it a lot stronger, not to mention the pretty matte finish the hammer creates. Done! Not into the extra bling of beads on your hook? That’s okay, too. You can make pretty spiral shapes out of wire for your hooks, and they’re just as elegant.


Ornament hooksA, an ornament hook!

Then I began thinking about heavier ornaments that can’t go at the tip of a branch. Were these too delicate to handle big roly-poly Santa himself? Perhaps not. So I got out my Softflex, crimps and a couple of lobster clasps. I made a colorful ‘bracelet’ with two lobster clasps on each end. That way a heavy ornament can be clasped onto with the strand part acting as a loop, but the design makes it easy to hang it closer to the center of the tree. And then there’s all those colorful beads on the strand adding to the beauty of the tree! A bonus! 


For fragile ornaments

Because we have small children that can’t keep their hands off the tree, and since some of the ornaments are on the delicate or fragile side, I try to keep small pieces of wire in my ornament box so that when I attach them to the tree I can just twist the wire onto the limb itself. That way I know it won’t come off it its grabbed, shaken or bumped into by a flying ball or toy.


Ornament hooksAdorning your home in festiveness!

These ornament hooks are a great way to hang ornaments from other places, such as a chandelier, coat pegs, the top edge of a lampshade and other areas where there’s a peg or nail. It will just add an extra touch of décor to brighten your season!


“They’re too pretty to put away at the end of the Christmas season, so I hang them from all sorts of places all year long. They make me happy and inspire me to be creative!”    ~Joline Novotny, on her Swarovski ornaments and hooks



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