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BraceletMulti Media Jewelry

**Warning! The following paragraph has a bit of abbreviated profanity. Nothing spelled out specifically, but you’ll know it when you read it. While I don’t care for profanity myself… there is a point to having it here. For delicate readers, skip the first paragraph of this article if you wish!


Up to date and in your face… bold and blunt contemporary earrings

While out shopping today I stood in line to check out with my purchases and I couldn’t help but notice that the person in front of me was wearing a very cool and contemporary pair of earrings. Suspended from a simple earwire were three scrabble tiles that had been drilled so that they could be linked with jumprings to hang vertically, and the letters were OMG. When she turned her head I noticed that the other ear had the letters WTF! I have to admit it gave me a little burst of laughter and it made this person turn around and look right at me. “Earrings.”, I said with a smile. “I made ‘em.”, she said back.


EarringsFor the love of fiber... and chain... and stone

This first pair of earrings was the first thing I stumbled upon and I was hooked! ( A little crochet humor there! ) I was so delighted to see the little crocheted rings paired with chain and a fluted melon shaped stone bead. A fresh burst of textures along with great color pairing. I would just be touching these all the time! 


EarringsCheck out these hoops

Made from paper. Yes! Origami has reached a new modern niche in the world of adornment. These paper beads are folded flawlessly and then slipped onto wire hoop frames. Paper has the most interesting texture, especially in places where you don’t expect to see it. I would love beaded curtains with these paper beads by the thousand filling a doorway in my house. Ohhh… the color! And imagine the sound of them rustling together. Beautiful!


TEarringshe Beauty of paper beads

I’ve seen so many different kinds of paper beads make by artisans overseas, local schools and more. These beads are wonderfully light weight and have great detail. Recycling at its best! And any paper is fair game, from newspapers to magazines, old cards and heck… your electric bill if you wish! They take time and effort and are worth the elbow grease. The design on this pair was especially appealing to me. You may think of paper beads as a “cheap” bead, but these are the epitome of class and dignity. Love them!


Acorn EarringsTaking it literally

I’ve seen acorn shaped beads with acorn shaped caps made from glass and metal and more… but the real thing? I love natural beads with their gorgeous color pallet of greens and browns, but this is the real thing! Small acorn caps drilled at the top through the stem allows them to be fit over a headpin to make this great pair of earrings. Careful, you’ll have squirrels sitting on your shoulders. :-)


Felt EarringsLet's talk fibers, shall we?

Felt! One of my faves! This pair of simple earrings has great contrast between wooly soft felt and chain. You hardly notice you’re wearing felt earrings since they’re nearly weightless and are soft as can be. You won’t mind when they bonk into your neck, either.


fiber earringsYou had me in stitches

These are sweet and remind me of Grandma’s cross-stitch. Two layers of felt cut in an oval, sewn together with embroidery floss and then adorned with a perky little red button. They have so much hand-made flavor to them. I love that these earrings could be the poster child for a simple design that is full of personality, but allows you to keep your cost down. And they don’t take a month’s worth of time investment to create.


EarringsSpeaking of Stitches

I had to include these earrings with embroidered fibers sandwiched between glass, and then soldered closed. Sort of a time-in-a-bottle feeling to them, don’t you agree? Like a bit of antiquity secured behind glass, but out in the world for all to see.


BraceletAround the wrist

Take a look at this cuff bracelet made with a silver base, then stones, beads and wire components are tethered down to it with chain. Distinct with personality, this hardware cuff seems industrial until you dip your toes into the soft, powdery blues. A really unique use of materials.


NecklaceFound object art

I wouldn’t have ever thought to put the tips of fabric tape measures in my jewelry, but here it is works! This fun and unusual necklace combines wire, beads and found objects into something wearable and whimsical. A great conversation piece that everyone will want to touch!


Inspiration overflow

Ever consider combining unusual items into your jewelry? The good news is that it all combines together in a way that is so acceptable in today's design world. So what can you use?



“Frequently I find myself at hardware stores, craft stores, sewing stores, and more in search of unusual elements to combine into my jewelry. Once you step outside your bead box you’ve got the world at your fingertips, and you can use nearly every bit of it to adorn your beads into beautiful jewelry.”  Heather McCobb-Dunn, multimedia artist and jewelry designer



Lavenderfield, Anne Kat, Casey Davis, Kiah design, Kira Nelson, Papermode, Sewsweetstitches, Sharona Nissan, Steviegirlsdream, and thatoldbluehouse are from Etsy

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