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The Bel Aire of Bead Storage PDF Print E-mail
Vintage Lucite BeadsThe Bel Aire of Bead Storage
Does your bead stash look like an explosion hit it? But you know where everything is, right? Oh, sure. I bet if you looked around carefully you’d unearth some ancient ruins that you purchased at a bead store or show, or perhaps a priority mail envelope from Ebay containing your great find at a great price… maybe even unopened! Ok, maybe you tore into that envelope the second it hit the mailbox, but for some reason it never moved beyond its padded bubble wrap home. Well, I’m guilty, too. I just realized that last night. Let me explain.

Lucite Bead MixThis will take a little backing up. For more than a year I’ve been pining away (no pun intended) over a piece of furniture that I stumbled across in a great little bead store in Orange County, California called Beads Beads. The owner, Lori Holman, had this fabulous wooden dresser in her back room full of storage. Something ridiculously undeserving of the space, like zip lock bags, occupied this gorgeous wooden work of art. The thing is made for beaders, I swear. See for yourself right here… 

Bead DresserI had to have it. But being a new Mom in a home with one income… how could I justify the expense of this and not hurt my family? So I did what I always do, I started tucking away small amounts of money, just like in the book Where the Red Fern Grows. The little boy (who’s name now escapes me) tucked away tiny amounts of money that he earned to be able to buy two hound dogs. And it took him years, but he did it. I was planning the same route. I could endure not yet having it by watching my small stash grow without forcing us to eat only mac & cheese for every meal. Patience is on my side. Even my sister-in-law gave me an envelope for my birthday with a small cache in it with a note… “for your dresser.” Every penny put me closer. Then my husband interfered.

In the midst of festive Christmas celebration at my husband's parents' home, out came this enormous box… and there it was. I was shocked. Astounded. Astonished. I was frozen, just staring at it. How could this be?? What about my stash?? Then I was squeeling and clapping my hands! Hallelujah! My beads were going to get a new home! And not just any home… this was worthy of Rodeo Drive! I was swooning with giddiness! Then, within 6 hours we were on a plane traveling 3500 miles away. My dresser would have to wait. Booooo….

We arrived back home on January 1st and I began the process of moving my beads into their new castle. Now this sounds simple, but oh, no no no. There was my explosion of a bead stash. I realized it had only a glimpse of organization. Now I had to do a major clean out and sort out what was really going to live in my dresser. My beloved seedbeads went in first. Then wire and supplies. Then assorted stuff like pliers, my bead cases, and one or two projects in the works. And then I was done! Beadin' Path in Freeport MaineI had a pile of stuff to go to the thrift store and a trash can full of how-did-this-trash-get-into-my-stash stuff. Since I had already done the big bead work purge of 2006 (see previous article), it was so easy.

Are you thinking of all those sour cream tubs that your storing your beads in?? HA! Ok, I’m sure you’ve got some kind of system for your stash, and perhaps it includes some sour cream tubs, or maybe not. You know how moving into a new home makes you re-evaluate everything you own? Well, maybe you should consider moving your stuff into something more efficient and giving it a good dusting while you’re at it. There are tons of choices for bead storage. You can nickel and dime your way to a gorgeous new dresser, or you can invest a small amount at your local bead shop. There are new innovations out all the time. Don’t you think its time for an update? Getting organized and consolidated will make you feel more motivated and creative. Don’t believe me? I dare you to find out if its true!

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