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Why Should I buy Swarovski Crystals? PDF Print E-mail
 Weekly Beadditudes with Dara 

Swarovski Crystal
Why Should I Buy Swarovski Crystals?

My husband and I have a saying in our house. I could hold up a random object and say to him, “This is Q-tips.” and he would know exactly what I mean. Let me fill you in. There are some products that we use that are the best. They work the best, last the longest, taste the greatest or do the best job by comparison to their not-so-great knock-offs. Store brand ear swabs don’t hold a candle to Q-tips. So when I declare that an item is like Q-tips, my husband knows not to try to substitute it.

Q-Tips of the bead world
Swarovski Crystal Flat Backed SquaresI’m pretty picky about my bead stuff. I would always choose to use the top quality of beads and supplies before opting for more cost effective beads just for the sake of saving money. Wait a minute. Let me make clear that I’m not prejudice towards beads. I love them all. Even the little bead that falls and rolls under the couch accidentally. I make a point to go get it. I adore all beads, I just want them to be made well. For example, I love Japanese seed beads because they’re made well and are pretty uniform. That’s important for bead weaving, otherwise your meticulous, hard work can look sloppy and shabby. I love beads that fall in the plastic family, but I don’t want them to have seams or have color that’s not uniform. Quality stuff. That’s what I’m saying. And I don’t mind paying my hard earned cash for it, either. I expect to.
The Best
Swarovski BiconesProbably the one bead I’m willing to spend the most money on is Swarovski crystal. And that’s because I did my homework and appreciate what I’m buying. I’ve bought my fair share of the other stuff… other company’s “crystal” and tons of faceted glass that has some glint and glimmer. But I don’t expect any of those other beads to do what Swarovski does. Let me give you some details…
Anatomy of a crystal

Swarovski Crystal Square DonutsHow do they get that amazing depth and richness in color? Well, Swarovski is 32% lead. That’s the highest lead count by far in any crystal available today. Lead is what makes crystal so prismatic. It makes the color rich and gorgeous. It also makes the crystal very hard, so that it needs to be cut on a special machine, one that Swarovski invented himself. The hardness of the glass allows tight precision angles to be cut to make crisp edges. And because the glass is hard, those edges will stay crisp for decades to come, unlike softer leaded glass that will wear over time and those edges will become rounded.

Bitten by the nature bug
Capri Blue AB Swarovski CrystalDid you know that Swarovski was enamored with nature? He was deeply effected by it, and it inspired him in many ways. In 1956, Swarovski was so taken with the Northern Lights at the North Pole he created an aurora borealis finish that today we nickname AB finish. He named the color Capri blue after the color of the water he saw while on the island of Capri. Color was a big deal, and many colors were made in small batches because they were too expensive to make in large quantities for the general public.
Color to make your head spin!

Swarovski Crystal CubesColor, color, color. Swarovski is the king of color. So much has been retired, and has become ultra collectible, and today even more colors are popping up quickly. If you manage to find old Swarovski crystal in Scarabee, Joulan, Elestria Dark, Carousel, Fantasy, Ghost, Dark Sunburst, Ambrosia, Cognac, Joulet, Cinnamon, Honey, Meadow, Sarnell, Sun, Mink, Cardinal and Steel, then scoop them up! These colors haven’t been made for decades. If you run across Apple Green or Cherry Red in opaque crystal, then get some for you collection. These are part of a series of opaque crystals from the 1950’s and are hard to find today. And this is just the old stuff…

New colors!
Swarovski Crystal MoccaAlways so cutting edge, these people! Have you SEEN the new colors out there right now? Sand Opal and Mocca will have your head spinning in no time. Rose Water Opal is the most sensual, feminine pink you’ve ever seen. Mint Alabaster is the prettiest shade of pastel turquoise that leans towards green. And Dark Red Coral is a deep shade of berry goodness that is going to be stunning in this years holiday designs. And on the horizon for fall 2008…. You’ll be slobbering all over Indian Pink, which is a shade in between Padparadsha and Rose, and Dark Indigo, an even darker version of Dark Sapphire. They’re available as we speak!
Then and now

Vintage Swarovski CrystalI remember the days of my trunk shows and there was always someone who would ask, “Why are these vintage crystals so much money?” I couldn’t figure out how they couldn’t take one look at them and see why. They’re spectacular in color, shape and size. At a mere glimpse you can see their quality is like no other bead out there. Do people look at a Rolls Royce and ask the same question? If they were curious, I tried my best to explain why. If they were disapproving of the cost, I was totally ok with that, too. I want people to buy them that really appreciate them. People that understand that they’re investing in something worth the money.

So I’ve said my peace. Love the crystals. ‘Nuff said. Anyone out there love other beads more than Swarovski? E-mail me and we’ll arm wrestle about it! :-)

“Jewelry without crystal is like peanut butter without chocolate. Really good on their own, but together they’re practically orgasmic!” ~Rachel Heif, Crystal Crow Creations

Heather DeSimone - Owner, The Beadin' Path
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